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Mag-Fed Players DOMINATE the Battlefield!

Mag-Fed Players DOMINATE the Battlefield!

RAP4 is proud that our Mag-Fed players dominate the battlefield. It comes as no surprise why you out-perform your adversaries: with the most reliable, accurate, and mission-adaptable gear in the sport, you have a technological advantage. When you combine that with the ethos and passion of Mag-Fed players, to utilize real military doctrine and CQB tactics in the most realistic tactical gaming ever devised, you naturally produce players of unsurpassed efficacy.

Whether in Mag-Fed Only Games (MFOG) or the world's biggest scenario games, our Mag-Fed players simply dominate. It starts with the image they convey when they take to the field with the 468 or another of our remarkable Mag-Fed paintball guns. The 468 is designed to exactly reproduce the look, feel, handling characteristics, and user controls of an M4 carbine'the standard battle rifle for US forces and allies around the world.

The heart of our Mag-Fed guns is an all-mechanical compressed air delivery system that works rain or shine, without batteries or circuits or wires or other delicate components. When players with high-dollar electronic wonder-widgets head for the staging area to sit out the rain, our 468 stays right where it needs to be: in your hands, on the front lines, aimed at your opponents and ready to release a ball every single time you pull the trigger.

That's the kind of reliability that combat operators demand of their duty weapons; that's the kind of reliability we've engineered our Mag-Fed guns to deliver. Our players deserve no less'and expect a lot more.

RAP4 Mag-Fed gear delivers that, too.

The 468 is the easiest paintball gun in the world to modify and upgrade by design. It accepts a host of military-pattern collapsible and fixed stocks, various air-through systems that conceal onboard air sources or accept remote line attachments, and barrels of all lengths and configurations (rifled, smooth, ported, threaded). With its full receiver length top rail, and the rails on the myriad handguards you can easily install, it can accept virtually any RIS-interface accessory so you can trick it out to meet any mission requirement, exactly reproduce your duty carbine, or solve any tactical challenge.

Then you can swap out the entire upper receiver with a new receiver in seconds so you can transition from one mission-adapted configuration to another without tools.

That helps our players dominate every scenario, even as mission requirements change.

Have you experienced Mag-Fed games yet? Fired Mag-Fed guns like the 468 and MKP? Or have you been missing your chance to dominate the field?

RAP4 As Real as it Gets!

2014-2-2 0:37:30