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Magfed Only Games 2013

Magfed Only Games 2013

RAP4 is proud to announce the formation of the Magfed Only Games (MFOG) group, dedicated to networking magfed players together and promoting this ultra-realistic game format. Paintball is more fun when you have more people to play against, and magfed paintball is most enjoyable when playing exclusively with other magfed players - hoppers look ridiculous and the even playing field created by everyone using magazine-fed paintball guns creates games that are truly as real as it gets. So we're putting a lot of muscle into the MFOG, and are excited for you to join us.

All you have to do - right at the moment, anyway - is like the RAP4 page for the MFOG, conveniently located right here: http://www.facebook.com/MagFedOG

Players are already meeting up on that page, posting about starting MFOG events in western New York, in Utah, and Orlando, Florida...and a lot of other places, too. Once you've liked the page, post up where you're located...and see if anyone hollers back from your area.

We'd hate to see magfed players wondering where they can find each other, while they're only a few minutes away. MFOG is a great way to spread news about big games across the country...and also to find those teams, organizers, and individuals right in your area who you never knew were into magfed.

You can post up event invitations, or just let the community know when and where your magfed group is playing next. Got a sweet mod to your 468, or an awesome setup you have to share with the world? Post it...or just haunt the page and see what rigs other players are carrying into action around the world.

This isn't an exclusive club - anyone who loves magfed paintball can join, whether you shoot a T68 or a 468, an MKP, or another magfed paintball gun. The point is meeting up. Organizing. Getting games together...

...and keeping it as real as it gets out there.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!