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Magfed Only Games 2014

Magfed Only Games 2014

RAP4 is proud to introduce you to the Magfed Only Games (MFOG), an initiative we’re organizing to link magfed players together and promote the most realistic paintball format ever! Get in the know by liking the MFOG Facebook page, and when it’s updated, you’ll see the latest info on your newsfeed.

You can meet other players in your area, promote your magfed gaming group, organize magfed only scenarios, and even promote magfed events. Got some news about magfed only games in your area? Post it up! Like the page, and you’ll see other event postings and calls for teammates, and also get the latest news from RAP4 about magfed gear and technology…so you can shoot more OpFor, win more games, and live better adventures.

The Magfed Only Games themselves are getting underway this month at SC Village in southern California, as organized by our very own Operational Detachment Southern California (ODSC). Comprised of top members of Savoy 6 and other players who have demonstrated their heart, dedication, and leadership, ODSC is the flagship Operational Detachment in our coordinated effort to promote magfed paintball.

When ODSC arrives at the field, they bring an armory’s worth of 468s, DMags, and related RAP4 gear that you can try out. For a low in-person price, you can even take it home after it proves its worth in your hands. ODSC will show you how to get the most out of your magfed gear, how to use military techniques and combat-proven marksmanship to dominate in this ultra-realistic paintball format…

…and they’ll put on the best magfed games around. The best part: for ODSC’s Magfed Only Games, you’ll only pay the regular field fee, keeping the price low enough that everyone can join. That’s because ODSC wants to build magfed paintball so there will always be plenty of opportunities for you to suit up and test your wits against worthy opponents.

Players outside of southern California can find those worthy opponents—and new teammates—through the Magfed Only Games’ Facebook page. Meet up now, and start sharing details on your magfed events. Build the magfed scene in your area with the help of RAP4 and players throughout your region, to keep the action intense, widespread, and truly as real as it gets.

Because it starts with you, your love of the game…and the connections you make through Magfed Only Games. Like the page on Facebook now, and we’ll see you at the field.

RAP4—As Real as it Gets!