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Magfed Only Games (MFOG)

Magfed Only Games (MFOG)

RAP4 is proud to announce Magfed Only Games (MFOG), with an amazing event at SC Village. Hosted by the incomparable Operational Detachment Southern California (ODSC), our official magfed team, the event brought together some of the toughest and bravest magfed players in the region.

Why do we say they’re the bravest players in the region? Because our magfed format selects for those players with particular dedication to the most realistic gear, realistic tactics, and realistic teamwork available in paintball. That brings out fast runners, hard chargers, and lots of firepower. They not only look the part of authentic combat operators, they employ the same high-speed, low-drag tactics...and carry gear that’s different from the real thing only in that it exclusively shoots paintballs.

It takes a special kind of player to be that intense, and so dedicated to authentic milsim gaming as to embrace the magfed format. For plenty of players that hot June day, the action was a refreshing change from the ordinary.

Our players kept it real on intense fields that recreated destroyed villages, featured embankments and trenches and other terrain features that made the games fully three dimensional - no stalemates across flat open spaces...no lane shooting between bright colored inflatable things.

At MFOG, it was truly as real as it gets...

...and there are more MFOG games coming up. While ODSC rolls out a game a month in Southern California - the next one is at SC Village on December 15th - in time we’ll train teams across the US in how to host MFOG events in their regions.

If you want to get in on that, you need to get in touch with us on our Facebook page, and if possible, make it out to an MFOG game. Show us your gear. Show us your enthusiasm. Show us you’re dedicated to keeping it real, and we’ll help you grow magfed play in your area.

That’s good for everyone...and a lot of fun at MFOG!

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets

2013-12-12 19:21:51