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MK5 Bodark Magazine Fed Paintball Gun

MK5 Bodark Magazine Fed Paintball Gun

The MK5 Bodark is a full-sized marker inspired by the hyper-realistic first person shooter games for the latest gaming systems...and also by real gear currently in service around the world. The Bodark is an advanced milsim arm in the AK-pattern, with upgrades that reflect the state of the art.

We build each MK5 Bodark by starting with a Tippmann A5 and a Tacamao Mag Fed Conversion Kit, and putting the Tippmann internals into the mag-fed body so that your Bodark will be as realistic as possible - it accepts interchangeable, spring-loaded magazines (instead of an ugly hopper) just like duty-issue rifles, and has the same natural point of aim and intuitive ergonomics.

Then we add a RAP4 Solid Buttstock to get you on target fast, and balance this marker right over your firing hand. Up front of the receiver we install a Tacamo AK74 Barrel Kit with a Matador Ak47 Handguard that includes lengths of RIS rail...to which you can attach the included Matador CQB Vertical Grip to help direct and control your marker.

Atop that forearm, in the position of a scout scope, is a Micro Red Dot Sight that will help you line up those one-shot-eliminations and is intuitively located for tracking moving targets. We even include a Weaver Sight Rail for Tippmann A5 that will help you mount mil-spec sights, lights, lasers, and other accessories to the receiver.

The sum of these parts is an exciting, mil-sim marker that has the natural looks, feel, and operation of a true military arm...but has internals optimized for intense paintball action!