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MK5 Ghost Magazine Fed Paintball Gun

MK5 Ghost Magazine Fed Paintball Gun

Introducing MK5 Ghost and If this MK5 Ghost Magazine Fed Paintball Gun looks familiar, then you've probably played the Ghost Recon video game. Our engineers wanted to capture something truly special with the design of this cutting-edge paintball marker, so they brought the 417 rifle from the videogame to life in the feature-loaded MK5 Ghost! Here's a hot tip from our RAP4 R&D department: that 417 is based on the HK 417 battle rifle used by Special Operations forces, so our MK5 Ghost has direct aesthetic ties to cutting-edge technology in the field, and a primary battle rifle in a best-selling game!

We build each of these dramatic markers from scratch, starting with the industry-leading Tacamo MKV Mag-Fed Conversion Body outfitted with Tippmann A5 internals. This builds a magazine-fed marker with the crucial Tippmann parts you already know how to service, and already trust. Then we install a K416 Barrel Kit that includes a micro-honed barrel and a quad rail that's ready to accept the mission-critical accessories that ship with each marker--like the G&P PEQ IV Laser that projects a bright red dot onto your target that is visible from over 100 yards away, and the Samurai 30mm AP Red Dot Scope that sits high enough to be easily used with goggles while providing a floating red dot on its reticle that gets you on-target fast, even against moving targets. There are even mechanical backup sights, should you remove the Samurai and still want a practical sighting solution.

The multi-position collapsible Magpul PTS CTR stock slides on an air-through adapter that features a 45 degree angled remote line connection, which we angle rearwards to keep your remote line tucked securely under your arm and out of the way. Used together with the Magpul PTS Angled Forward Grip, these two Magpul accessories help you control your marker for rock-solid aiming and responsive tracking of even fast-moving targets. We include an extra magazine and mag-clamp so you have an instant reload at the ready, right onboard!

When you're ready for the intensity of true mil-sim paintball, or want to wrap your hands around a real-world version of the 417 that you rock in Ghost Recon, the MK5 Ghost is your ticket to victory.