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MK5 SOCOM Clearance

MK5 SOCOM Clearance

RAP4 is proud to announce a very limited time offer on three of our hottest MK5 configurations: the US SOCOM-inspired UMP, K36, and SOCOM. These battle-ready MagFed carbines utilize genuine Tippmann components installed in our own MKP MagFed Conversion Bodies, and these particular models come with DMAGs!

The MK5 – UMP is the lightest of this pack, and is optimized for fast handling in tight spaces. We build each of these UMP carbines with genuine Tippmann A5 components, preserving the forward cocking handle and internal components that players love. Then we add a collapsible M4-pattern stock with a solid remote line adapter and an A5 UMP Shroud. The shroud provides plenty of attachment points for lights and lasers, and an elevated full-length top rail so you can mount your choice of optic anywhere you like.

The MK5 – SOCOM is optimized for players who need a full-size gun to do a full day’s work. With a rifle-length barrel shroud trimmed with long accessory rails on each side and below, it features a full-length top rail with plenty of room for the optic of your choice as well as flip-up backup sights and other accessories. The collapsible stock extends to provide a rock-solid mount, or collapses for close quarters work in tight.

The MK5 – K36 is a dramatic rifle that makes a big impression. The elevated accessory rail helps raise your optic or metallic sights to a comfortable height to use while wearing paintball goggles. The side and under-mounted accessory rails are ready for lights and lasers and other mission-adapted gear, while the collapsible military-pattern stock conceals the solid remote line adapter. The K36 is strongly evocative of the G36 rifle, which lends it a unique place on the battlefield!

Each of these exciting MK5 rifles is DMAG-ready for MagFed games, and with DMAGs compatible with your new MK5, they’re ready to gas up and go right out of the box. They are designed with their air input in the rear, via the solid remote line adapter serving as a buffer tube within the multi-position collapsible stock. Whether you need a CQB-ready UMP, a full-size SOCOM, or a dramatic K36, the time to act is now—our $299 sale is for a very limited time only!

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2014-06-27 12:06:46