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MKP Battle Rifle

MKP Battle Rifle

Introducing the MKP Battle Rifle. This full-size battle rifle is built from Tippmann X7 internals installed within a Tacamo MKP Mag-Fed Conversion Kit, one of the hottest accessories in paintball! This body forms the receiver of the MKP Battle Rifle, and enables it to ditch that ugly hopper and use, instead, interchangeable spring-powered magazines. These mags push paint into the receiver under spring pressure, giving you the reliability - even at high cyclic rates - of a force-feed hopper, while enabling the MKP Battle Rifle to retain the look, feel, and even the balance of a true battle rifle.

Each MKP Battle Rifle features an 18" Raptor Tactical Barrel crowned with a Whisper Muzzle Brake and enshrouded in a mid-length Tactical RIS Handguard that features four lengths of RIS rail for mounting virtually any mil-spec accessory...including the Micro Red Dot Sight, and RAP4 Tactical Flashlight that ship with each MKP Battle Rifle! To protect your hands, and encourage snag-free movement through thick brush and rugged terrain, we include Matador Rail Covers and Ergonomic Rail Covers that protect - and protect you from - sections of unused RIS rail.

To help you get on target and accurately wield this full-size marker, we include a multi-position collapsible Magpul PTS MOE stock with a Solid Remote Line adapter that gives you a male remote line connector just forward of the stock. Extend it just so far as to give yourself a perfect, custom fit, hook up your remote line, and enjoy the ideal balance of this dramatic marker.

From the muzzle brake to the collapsible stock, the MKP Battle Rifle is designed for rugged service and reliable accuracy.