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MKP Jackal Magazine Fed Paintball Gun

MKP Jackal Magazine Fed Paintball Gun

RAP4 is proud to introduce the MKP Jackal Paintball Gun. The Jackal is engineered for the kind of close quarter action that defines our sport. Capable of collapsing easily into a compact marker without sacrificing any performance, the Jackal is ready for close quarters battle (CQB) in buildings, trenches, and up close and personal when you overrun their lines. When it's time again to line up for longer shots, the folding UMP Stock swings into position, the Special Ops Thread-On Silencer extends your Recon Rifled Barrel, and the Dagger Reflex Sight gets you on target fast.

Our engineers designed the Jackal from the ground up with one of the most trusted base markers available: the Tippmann X7 Phenom. To make it truly as real as it gets, they then installed the Tacamo Magazine Fed Conversion Kit to empower the Jackal to accept interchangeable spring-powered magazines - just like duty-issue M4 carbines. With no hopper in the way, the Jackal offers the best field of vision of any marker out there...and thanks also to the Magazine Fed Conversion Kit, it has a full-receiver-length RIS rail that lines up perfectly with the Tippmann X7 Standard Shroud.

The shroud adds four lengths of RIS rail, including side rails and a rail down below, so that you can affix just about any accessory from lights and lasers to RAP4 grenade launchers!

To give you maximum accuracy, the Jackal comes outfitted with a 10" Recon Rifled Barrel that stabilizes your paint on its way to the Special Ops Thread-On Silencer that crowns the barrel. Get that paint right where you want it with the Dagger Reflex Sight, which gives you a holographic heads up display with a bright dot indicating right where that ball will fly. Swing the UMP stock into the extended position, brace the marker against your shoulder, and you'll be able to take aim quickly and get follow-up shots downrange just as fast as your fingers can fly.

In keeping with the intense mil-sim aesthetics, the Jackal features a discreet remote line adapter built into the rear stock adapter. This utilizes RAP4's exclusive Flexi-Air system to run the air from your remote line straight into the rear of the marker, which means the Jackal won't have a heavy, ugly tank hanging off of it.

When you're ready for a compact marker with the heart of a Tippmann X7 Phenom and the mag-fed realism of RAP4's latest innovation, you need the Jackal.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!