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MKP Paintball Gun With 10 FREE DMAG

MKP Paintball Gun With 10 FREE DMAG

Special deal for Operation End War Event.

We want to outfit you for the most anticipated Modern Combat Sport Event.
Gear up with this special deal - each marker comes with 10 DMAGS!


This Tacamo MKP-II Mag Fed Paintball Gun is the most reliable and realistic manner possible: via the industry-leading DMag spring powered magazines. Now you have the performance and reliability of a Tippmann marker, combined with our exclusive mag-fed body that is set up straightaway for DMags!

To further enhance your new Tacamo MKP-II Carbine Mag Fed Paintball Gun and help you get the most accuracy possible from it, we even include a mil-spec collapsible stock. When you brace the Phenom against your shoulder with this stock, you’ll have a steady platform from which to make the most accurate shots!

The Tacamo MKP-II Carbine Paintball Gun is ready to dominate your field as you enjoy the incredibly realistic look, feel, and mil-sim action…and the performance-enhancing reliability that comes with our DMags!

2015-9-5 16:47:17