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MKP SKAR Magazine Fed Marker

MKP SKAR Magazine Fed Marker

Our engineers start with a Tippmann X7 Phenom mechanical marker, and then swap the internals into a Tacamo Mag Fed Conversion Kit - this lets you use the Tippmann parts in a body that accepts detachable magazines! Get rid of that clunky hopper, and embrace the convenience and reliability of spring-powered magazines...and enjoy the realistic looks, balance, and handling of the MKP SKAR!

We include a Tippmann X7 Assault Stock, which not only collapses and expands, but also swings sideways to fold along the side of the marker. This gives you the shortest possible marker for CQB, storage, and transport, while also giving you the accuracy-enhancing benefits of a customizable stock at the push of a button when you need it. SCAR-style "iron" sights are included, and fold flush into the stock when not in use...

...like when you're taking aim at your opponents through the SOCOM 1x30 Red Dot Scope! This variable-power scope mounts to the full-receiver-length RIS rail.

The MKP SKAR has three other lengths of rail, courtesy of the included Tippmann X7 Standard Shroud. That means you can mount lights and lasers, tactical foregrips and paintball grenade launchers, and a host of other accessories as your mission calls for them.

We upgrade each MKP SKAR with a 10" Recon Rifled Barrel, crowned with a BC Muzzle Brake, to maximize your accuracy potential. With the Flex Valve inside providing smooth, consistent velocities with almost no recoil, the stock helping you brace the MKP SKAR firmly against your shoulder, the SOCOM 1x30 Red Dot Scope getting you on target, and that barrel stabilizing your paint on its way downrange, we feel we've done just about everything we can to ensure your accuracy this weekend.

The rest is all in how you use the dynamic new MKP SKAR!