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MKP Thunderbolt Magazine Fed Marker

MKP Thunderbolt Magazine Fed Marker

RAP4 is proud to introdduce the MKP Thunderbolt Magazine Fed Marker transforms a Tippmann X7 Phenom Mechanical Marker into a mil-sim powerhouse inspired by the HK G36 battle rifle. Our engineers swap the internals of a mechanical X7 Phenom into a Tacamo Mag Fed Conversion Kit body, doing away with that heavy, noisy, sight-obstructing hopper...and empowering you with true magazine-fed capability! The 20 round interchangeable magazines use spring power to keep a round in the chamber at all times, and swap out exactly like the magazines on the real deal.

Then we add the distinctive K36 See Through Sight Rail and Tippmann X7 Standard Shroud, giving you an elevated RIS rail with integral peep sight that beautifully evokes the G36 rifle. The M4 Front Sight gets you on target fast, and that extraordinary RIS rail is ready to receive your choice of optical sights or other accessories.

To help you hold that marker steady for extreme accuracy, we provide a Vertical RIS Folding Grip and a Tacamo SOCOM Stock with Internal Flexi Air Kit so you can brace the marker against your shoulder and take advantage of its inherent accuracy. This dramatic stock, patterned after those in service right now, features a padded foam cheek piece, rear sling attachment point, and air-through design that allows you to connect a remote line to the rear of the MKP Thunderbolt...rather than hanging it from the grip. This is achieved in concert with the (included!) Internal Flexi Air Kit, which replaces the rear body plug to give you a rear-facing ASA into which the stock attaches...giving you a remote line attachment point that�s out of the way and preserves the balance of this supremely comfortable marker!

The 10" Recon Rifled Barrel is crowned with a Raven Muzzle Break, or the muzzle break of your choice. This barrel stabilizes your paint for optimum accuracy, and is threaded to receive your choice of muzzle breaks or other accessories, so you have even more customization potential down the road.

The MKP Thunderbolt is ready to rock, right out of the box! Make a statement at your field this season with the MKP Thunderbolt!