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Modern Combat Manufactured K1 - A Whole New Game

Modern Combat Manufactured K1 - A Whole New Game

Modern Combat Manufactured is ready to introduce you to a whole new game - the next evolution of paintball. You may not recognize it at first.

With the release of our revolutionary new MCM K1 marker, players are discovering a level of tactical realism not previously possible. With the air tank stowed inside the stock, the paint fed .68 caliber detachable 43 round magazine, and the look and feel of a modern bullpup personal defense weapon (PDW), the MCM K1 represents the newest height of combat simulation.

No hoppers. No chopping, rattling, or dangling air tanks. And no more of the same old business.

The MCM K1 ushers in a whole new era in paintball - one of hyper-realistic scenarios, real-world tactics played out with authentic gear, and a whole new breed of paintball marker.

Meet the flagship of our new line, and get inspired to play like you've never played before.

The aesthetics were inspired by the FN-Herstal P90 PDW, with refinements that make the MCM K1 lighter and even more ergonomic. The magazine is held in line with the bore axis, right above the barrel, so it doesn't dangle; it doesn't snag, or make your MCM K1 any taller. The paintballs feed into the chamber, meaning that you don't have battle rattle in an ugly hopper�and you don't chop, or dry fire because a ball rolled out of alignment. The magazine's keeps that from happening, so you get a ball through the barrel every time you pull the trigger.

How many balls go through that barrel at once is up to you - there's a fire selector switch on the foregrip. Just like military-issue PDWs, the MCM K1 offers you semi-auto, burst, and full-auto modes with a tremendous cyclic rate. Keep it in semi as you pop one-shot eliminations from across the field; click it up to full-auto when you need to lay your own cover fire for advancing on their position.

There are short-barreled markers of comparable length to the MCM K1�but to get there, they have short, loud, inefficient and often times inaccurate barrels. Much of the genius behind the bullpup design used in the MCM K1 comes from putting the action behind the trigger, so you can use a full length Tippmann-threaded barrel without making the marker extend very far past your support hand. This improves the marker's balance, too, making it come up to bear in a heartbeat and track moving opponents with ease.

The profoundly unique MCM K1 represents the latest feats of engineering in our industry�and ushers in a whole new era for bullpup markers, hyper-realistic combat recreation, and shooter-centered innovation. See what we mean soon�before you face an MCM K1 on the other team.

Modern Combat Manufactured - Combat Simulation for the 21st Century.