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Modern Combat Manufactured K1 - Bridging Paintball and Airsoft

Modern Combat Manufactured K1 - Bridging Paintball and Airsoft

Modern Combat Manufactured is uniquely poised to bridge the gap between paintball and airsoft. Witness the biggest new product in either industry in years: the MCM K1 paintball marker. With the size, heft, and real-world engineering of a modern personal defense weapon, the MCM K1's design is ultra-realistic enough for airsoft...

...but inside, it's a paintball marker - from the integral 8 cubic inch air tank to the .68 caliber bore.

The divide between paintball and airsoft runs deep - different game formats, different projectiles, different ranges, and different mentalities. But within combat-simulation woodsball, we've seen creative and enterprising new companies and game formats foster hyper-realistic gear and scenarios. "Operation: End War," the Tactical Ten Paintball League, and other events and associations are revolutionizing the kind of as-real-as-it-gets scenario play that is at the heart of airsoft culture as well...

...with magazines and hoppers limited to real-world capacities, no less.

But it's been hard getting around the un-lifelike shape of paintball markers.

Until now.

The MCM K1 is .68 caliber with a detachable magazine instead of a hopper. The 8ci tank is concealed within the stock. The ergonomics and design were patterned from the FN-Herstal P90 and other ultra-modern personal defense weapons. It looks like a real PDW bullpup, handles like one, has real-world ammunition capacity and mimics the fire control options found afield: semi, burst, and full-auto, available at the spin of the fire control selector.

It brings together all of the realistic qualities demanded of airsoft, in a package engineered to deliver standard .68 caliber paintballs. Now our interests in hyper-realistic arms, real-world tactical scenarios, and combat simulation can come together around this bold new technology.

The next evolution in paintball markers is here: the MCM K1. Grab your scenario gear. Strap on your tactical vest. Then compete in modern tactical simulations like you've never experienced before.

Modern Combat Manufactured - Combat Simulation for the 21st Century.