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Modern Combat Manufactured K1 - Bring Videogames to Life!

Modern Combat Manufactured K1 - Bring Videogames to Life!

Modern Combat Manufactured wants to get you outside, in recreated combat action that's way more exciting than videogames...because it's real. To get you into the thick of it, where you fire in full-auto as you charge through the woods on an adrenaline-soaked mission far behind their lines, MCM is proud to offer the revolutionary MCM K1 paintball marker.

It looks, feels, points, and functions like an ultra-modern personal defense weapon (PDW). It holds forty three .68 caliber rounds in a detachable magazine that inserts in line with the bore axis. The air tank is concealed in the stock for maximum ergonomics, balance, and aesthetics.

And it's ready to rock three fire modes to get you through the toughest situations.

When you're ready to bring video games to life, you need the latest one-to-one recreations of real-world military gear...and you need it to offer real-world ammunition capacity, durability, ergonomics, and aesthetics. You need the MCM K1, the industry's first right-out-of-the-box bullpup marker.

Modern Combat Manufactured was founded on one central principle: to engineer the most realistic combat-simulation equipment possible for military and law enforcement training, and for use by elite paintball players who want to challenge themselves in true combat situations (without the actual risk). To this end, we are proud to offer the MCM K1.

You've played the video games where a fast-shooting, compact PDW is crucial to surviving close quarters battle. You've seen the polymer-and-steel bullpup designs that put a full-length barrel, meaning full-power velocity and match-grade accuracy, into a bullpup stock so that the barrel extends mere inches in front of your hands. You've seen how this engineering approach shrinks full-size rifles into compact, responsive arms.

Now see how that technology comes to bear in the real world with the MCM K1. There are no other standard production bullpup markers like it...and paintball will never be the same.

Now you can field a paintball marker like the FN-Herstal P90 PDW you choose in the videogames. Now you can corner, snap shoot, and work tight spaces without exposing yourself as much as your opponent must. Now you can field an arm so realistic that our "game" will take on a whole new dimension.

Are you ready to put down the controller and pick up an MCM K1? Are you ready to get real?

Modern Combat Manufactured - Combat Simulation for the 21st Century.