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Modern Combat Manufactured K1 - Changing the Game

Modern Combat Manufactured K1 - Changing the Game

Modern Combat Manufactured is poised to change the game of paintball. First up: bold new technology, starting with the MCM K1 bullpup marker. An industry first, this revolutionary new .68 caliber paintball marker is a true bullpup right out of the box: the action and chamber are located behind the trigger, meaning that right off the bat the MCM K1 is more than eight inches shorter than a standard marker with a comparable barrel length.

Why does this matter? Slice pie tightly around a corner with the MCM K1, and you'll see how close you can get to cover while still lined up on your opposition. Clear a structure, play a SWAT House, or run through dense underbrush and you'll be amazed at how fast the MCM K1 comes up to bear, how tightly you can play in cramped spaces, and how the MCM K1 does its job without getting in your way. You can use a full-length barrel - any barrel with Tippmann threads - and only a few inches will extend past your support hand.

That's compact. Responsive. Convenient.

And effective.

The stock conceals an 8 cubic inch compressed air tank that's good for four magazines worth of paintballs at standard field velocities. Each spring-loaded magazine holds 43 balls, these magazines keep the MCM K1 from chopping paint, and ensure that when you need to make a single shot count, it's there - ready and waiting for you to send it downrange onto your opponent.

The MCM K1's bullpup design shifts the center of gravity rearwards, so you can snap the marker up to bear more quickly than traditional designs...and track moving players much more fluidly.

Your support hand wraps comfortably around the integral foregrip, where your thumb can engage the fire selector switch. Choose from semi-auto, burst, and full-auto, depending on mission requirements. When it's time to click all the way up to rock-n-roll, you can gain a tremendous firepower advantage with the optional 144 round detachable magazine.

The MCM K1 has three accessory rails and a raised sight rail on top that puts your choice of optics at the perfect height. Turn on your red dot, click on a tactical flashlight, and light up the darkest corners of the SWAT House with light and precise fire.

Modern Combat Manufactured is already changing paintball...and the face of that change is the dramatic new MCM K1 bullpup.

Modern Combat Manufactured - Combat Simulation for the 21st Century.