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Modern Combat Sports

Modern Combat Sports


Combat gaming has come a long way. But nothing quite captured the feel, the look, the tactical reality of actual combat.

Until now.

Modern Combat Sports (MCS) is the newest, most exciting development in competitive combat sports, and combines authentic tactical challenges with the most realistic equipment ever designed. MCS draws strongly on the authenticity of its military reproduction equipment, the real-world tactics required to win, the kinetic reality of firing actual (though safe) projectiles, and in its direct application to military training. Nothing is more realistic except combat itself.

The guns utilized are designed to replicate—not imitate, not recreate, but exactly duplicate—modern firearms like the M4 family of carbines and the M16 family of full-size battle rifles. Fed by magazines just like duty-issue rifles, these guns replicate the look, feel, natural point of aim, and even the field stripping of duty-issue rifles. They feature the same fire control options, often including semiautomatic and burst modes. They accept the same accessories. You reload them the same way, and the best among them have the same trigger pull and reset as duty-issue rifles.

These unique, cutting-edge guns use compressed air to shoot different types of .68 caliber munitions, including paintballs and non-marking rounds. That makes them safe for force-on-force military training, and competitive use in Modern Combat Sports.

In Modern Combat Sports, players carry more than just their gun and spare magazines—they carry tactical radios, flashbang grenades, hydration packs, simulated body armor…and often, they carry their load-out in actual military-issue load bearing vests and plate carriers. They even wear real—or exact reproduction—battle helmets.

And they use real military combat doctrine…

…in part because the guns used in Modern Combat Sports have realistic amounts of ammunition. This requires judicious shot placement, coordinated movements, and well executed tactics. Players deploy with similar amounts of ammunition in each magazine to soldiers’ magazines, requiring them to draw on the same practical skills and fire support team tactics as professional soldiers—everything about MCS is designed for authenticity.

In Modern Combat Sports, the realistic round count, authenticity of equipment, and missions taken from real world conflicts, reinforce the central concept that MCS events create a combat experience as authentic as you can get while still being safe for force-on-force action.

Are you ready for Modern Combat Sports?

2014-9-14 11:24:29