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Modern Combat The New Action Sports

Modern Combat The New Action Sports

Modern Combat Sports is the latest and most exciting development in action gaming—a combat competition so authentic that the military uses it to train personnel ahead of deployment…

…and so realistic that it’s taking the world by storm. This isn’t airsoft. This isn’t paintball. This is Modern Combat Sports, and the beginning of a whole new era.

Modern Combat Sports (MCS) utilizes gear so authentic that it reproduces the look, feel, and operation of an M4 or M16—from the magazine fed action to even the pull and reset of the trigger. The games mimic military force-on-force training and recreate actual conflicts as players use their marksmanship, teamwork, and tactical skills to complete missions.

Their guns shoot actual projectiles, making training and competing with them much more authentic and exciting. They shoot .68 caliber munitions, including paintballs, meaning that training ammunition is easy to come by…but the guns are far more realistic in function, look, and firepower than hopper-fed paintball guns. They’re sturdier than airsoft guns, too, as MCS guns are designed to survive actual military force-on-force training.

Magazines used in Modern Combat Sports hold an authentic number of rounds, meaning that the marksmanship, timing, teamwork, and coordination required to excel in MCS is the exact same as for operators firing their duty weapons in combat. Paintball has tried to mimic combat, but with high capacity hoppers attached to markers that only somewhat resemble the real thing, paintball doesn’t get it quite right in aesthetics…or in the tactics required to win. Airsoft gets it right aesthetically, but the large magazine capacities, limited range of projectiles, and limited kinetic energy over any kind of distance, mean even it falls short of authenticity.

Modern Combat Sports equipment, though, is as real as it gets—guns with realistic round counts and rates of fire, semiautomatic and authentic burst modes, purely mechanical function (no circuit boards or batteries or hoppers, etc), and complete interoperability with RIS/Picatinny rail –mounted accessories.

Operators attach their duty-issue optics, illuminators, and designators to their MCS rifles. They stuff their training-munitions magazines into their as-issued load bearing vests and plate carriers.

And that’s really exciting.

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2014-10-25 22:52:38