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More Than Just A Box

More Than Just A Box

RAP4 is proud to bring you innovation in unexpected places, like the very packaging that our industry-leading paintball guns come in. When you receive your 468, take note of the high quality closed-cell foam it comes packaged in, and how the two foam pieces nest inside the attractive, rugged 468 box. You'll notice that the foam perfectly conforms to the lines of your particular marker, with reliefs for the magazines, scopes, and other features.

But did you know that you can modify that packaging to accommodate virtually any accessory, so that the 468's original box can serve as a protective storage and transportation case for as long as you own your 468?

In the video, Patrick shows you all about how this understated packaging is actually an awesome feature of your 468 purchase.

That's right - don't throw your box away! We've engineered it to be a high-quality storage and transportation case for your 468, and to be easily modifiable for as long as you own your 468! If you ever trade or sell that 468, having the original box - especially one as useful as ours - will certainly increase its appeal and resale value, too!

Take a close look at the foam, and you'll notice that many sections are scored so you can easily remove additional foam. Should you put a different handguard on your upper receiver, attach a different optic, or reconfigure your tactical accessories, all you need to do to make your 468 fit is pull out the pre-scored sections of foam. Replace them to customize the fit when you change your configuration again...or remove a section to accommodate additional magazines!

The 468 serves some of the top players in scenario paintball, as well as military and law enforcement units when they engage in force-on-force combat training. That means that our 468s are used by true professionals who demand the most realistic, one-to-one replacement of their duty arms so that their training can be as realistic, as dynamic, and as useful as possible - so they can train as they're going to fight!

Then between training missions or scenario games, in storage or in transit, that equipment needs to be housed in protective, high-quality cases...which can run in the hundreds of dollars. You would rather buy mags and paint with that money, so we engineered the 468's standard box to provide the sort of impact, dust, and scratch protection you need to keep your 468 in fighting shape.

Just remove the upper receiver from the lower receiver, and nestle the parts down into the box. Insert your magazines where they go, and replace the upper piece of foam. Remove sections of foam to accommodate different accessories, make room for additional magazines, allow for a longer barrel...it's quick and easy to customize the box to fit your exact configuration.

Then head to the field, confident that your 468 will be ready to go - clean and scratch-free, with your sights still properly zeroed - right out of the box. Every time.

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2013-11-12 18:05:08