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New .68 cal Tactical Rifled Barrel

New .68 cal Tactical Rifled Barrel

Tactical Rifled Barrel

RAP4 is proud to announce the release of the NEW .68 Caliber Tactical Rifled Barrel. The high quality of these rifled barrels will give you supreme performance on the field!

The new Tactical Rifled Barrel is designed for scenario paintball markers such as those from Tippmann, BT Paintball, and our Real Action Paintball T68! These barrels are designed to accept a handguard, front sight, rail system and even grenade launchers! These new Tactical Rifled Barrels are designed on the outside for looks and engineered on the inside to greatly improve accuracy and reliability.
See the different configuration the Tactical Rifled Barrel can do.
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T68 Extreme Sniper Package T68 Desert Storm Tippmann A5 VietNam M16 Paintball Gun Package
T68 Military Style M203 Tippmann A5 M203 Military Grenade Launcher T68 Genocide
This is how the barrel works: the inside of the Tactical Rifled Barrel (the bore) consists of many fine cuts that extend for the full length of the barrel. These cuts look like 10 sets of tiny train tracks. The track portion is called the "land". The portion that is cut away is called the "groove". The purpose of the land and groove pattern is to "glide and guide" the paintball down the bore, as well as provide a "spin-free projection" to stabilize the paintball in flight.

The Tactical Rifled Barrel is key to converting a paintball marker for scenario play. It can be used as an attachment point for all manner of accessories, as the Tactical Rifled Barrel is scaled from military specs and takes most attachments without anything modifications. The barrel can accommodate rails, mounts, laser sights and grenade launchers without making any changes to the marker or the barrel.

The Tactical Rifled Barrel will not just make your marker look and feel better, but will also enhance your accuracy as well!
The following is a partial list of the paintball markers that are compatible with our rifled barrels:
32 Degrees GT Commandos IconZ
Inferno JT M3/DragunPMI Razzor
Mongoose Piranha Rebel Extreme
Silver Bullets Spyder T68
Tippmann Custom 98 Tippmann A-5 ZAP