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NEW Black Bird Tactical Paintball Pistol

NEW Black Bird Tactical Paintball Pistol

RAP4 is proud to introduce the new Black Bird Tactical Paintball Pistol for scenario, Milsim (military simulation) paintball players and for Law Enforcement personnel. Although capable of holding up to eight .68 caliber paintball projectiles in its magazine, the Black Bird Tactical Paintball Pistol is the most compact paintball pistol of its kind.

The magazine holds a 12 gram disposable CO2 cartridge that powers up to twenty four shots before needing replacement. The most unique feature of the Black Bird Paintball Pistol is that it reseals itself when the magazine is removed for reloading. Resealing preserves the remaining CO2 pressure and puts the Black Bird Tactical Paintball Pistol in a league of its own.

The Black Bird Tactical Pistol is built for high performance. It is highly accurate with a built in regulator that stabilizes paintball velocity under any weather condition, especially during rapid fire. As well, the pistol frame is made of high impact stainless steel, urethane, and aircraft aluminum for the highest durability under rough use.

The Black Bird Tactical Paintball Pistol is the Law Enforcement version of the Tiberius Arms Tac8. This version has increased power - especially necessary for use with non-lethal and less-lethal applications - having a top velocity over 350 feet per second.

What is non-lethal and less-lethal?
Weapons that are explicitly designed and primarily employed so as to incapacitate personnel or material while minimizing fatalities, permanent injury, and/or undesired damage to property and the environment are referred to as non-lethal or less-lethal. This includes such compliance products such as rubber balls, OC Balls, and powder balls.

The Black Bird Tactical Paintball Pistol is designed to fill a critical gap in the use of force and to provide law enforcement officers and correctional facility guards the safest, most effective non-lethal tools in a variety of applications.
  Key Features of the Black Bird Tactical Paintball Pistol:
- Highly accurate with an advanced regulator
- Adjustable velocity 250-350+ fps
- Effective range 75 feet
- Maximum range 150 feet
- Consistent performance under all weather condition and under rapid fire
- Quick release barrel for easy cleaning and maintenance
- Light and compact
- Innovative resealing CO2 system
- 8 round, magazine-fed system

Packages comes with:
1 x Black Bird Tactical Paintball Pistol
1 x Magazine