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NEW Camouflage DBU Pants and Jackets - over 10 different patterns

NEW Camouflage DBU Pants and Jackets - over 10 different patterns

RAP4 is proud to announce the release of our new camouflage DBU pants and jackets! Part of our new series, these BDUs come in more than ten of the most popular camouflage patterns for greater tactical advantage and concealment.

The camouflage DBU pants and jackets come in German Flecktarn, ACU, DPM, Leaf Camp, OD, WC, CADPAT, and many more, different patterns. The pants have 6 pockets each, and each pair has reinforced knees and adjustable waist Tabs. The jacket has 4 chest pockets with reinforced elbows and adjustable cuffs. These new BDUs are made with military styles and designs...and are available in a few popular hunting patterns as well!

These DBUs allow paintball and airsoft players to match their tactical gear, providing greater concealment...and style. You can now match your camouflage clothing to your RAP4 (or other) tactical vests, pouches, and accessories! The camouflage makes you more difficult to detect, helping you remain indiscernible from the surrounding environment by color- and hue-matching with trees, leaves and dirt. The camouflage BDUs merge with your surroundings, helping you blend in with the colors and broken shapes around you.

Use of camouflage clothing and equipment is an essential part of modern military tactics, as well as paintball and airsoft. With Real Action Paintball's wide range of styles, patterns, and sizes, paintball and airsoft players can have the same camouflage advantage...and match all of your mil-spec soft goods!