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NEW Flexi-Air System for RAP4 Series Paintball Gun

RAP4 is proud to announce the release of the new patent-pending Flexi-Air System for RAP4 series paintball markers. The new Flexi-Air System replaces the standard 45g cylinder and allows the RAP4 series paintball markers to be self-contained.

The system works with all standard off-the-shelf CO2 cylinders. The Flexi-Air System is designed for ease of use with the RAP4 markers and allows the user to operate RAP4 markers without needing to keep an air tank connected to their marker.

The Flexi-Air System helps small agencies and paintball players reduce the overall cost of operation, as one tank can fill multiple markers. The Flexi-Air System offers users the convenience and flexibility of not needing to use a remote line, but if you like to, it comes with an adaptor to connect the marker to a tank via remote line.

The Flexi-Air System provides the RAP4 with 50 to 100 shots per charge, and the number of the shots depends on the pressure during charging and the ambient temperature.

The Flexi-Air System is easy to use:
1. Slide the butt stock forward; doing so exposes the Flexi-Air recharge inlet
2. Connect the inlet to the Flexi-Air adaptor
3. Open the tank valve and wait 10 seconds
4. Close the tank valve and slide the release valve back to allow excess CO2 to escape
5. Disconnect the Flexi-Air adaptor
6. Slide the butt stock back and resume operation