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NEW Hawkeye Training Goggles

NEW Hawkeye Training Goggles

RAP4 is proud to introduce two dynamic goggle systems designed to protect you during tactical exercises and scenario paintball...while you use military-dimension markers and other mil-sim gear! The Hawkeye Paintball Goggles and Hawkeye Training Goggles are designed to flex so that you can use the sights on markers with military-pattern stocks...while keeping your eyes, ears, nose and throat well protected.

Most goggles interfere with your ability to achieve a natural point of aim and use the sights on mil-sim and scenario markers like the M4-reproduction T68 Gen7. The Hawkeye Goggle Systems are engineered to defeat that problem by utilizing a semi-rigid skirt that conforms closely to the shape of your face, and flexes flat against your cheek as you press the stock against the goggles for a proper "cheek weld" as you use the sights.

The dual-pane thermal lens doesn't flex, ensuring that your eyes are fully protected. The scratch-inhibiting, anti-fog lenses are engineered to withstand the abuse of being used in rental goggles, and offer superb utility to scenario players who charge through heavy fire and thick undergrowth.

Both goggle systems feature RAP4's unique multi-directional retention system. Starting with a slip-resistant elastic strap that secures the goggles to your face, RAP4 engineers then add a top strap that connects from the main strap to the goggles. This strap keeps the Hawkeye Goggle System from being pushed or yanked down off of your face - so you can dive, slide, and charge head-down through the woods with greater confidence.

Both goggle systems also include a chin strap that is tucked out of the way, but comes in very handy for keeping the goggles from being pulled off the top of your head during the game. With these two auxiliary straps securely fastened, the Hawkeye Goggle System becomes one of the safest goggles you can wear.

The Hawkeye Paintball Goggles provide players a superior goggle with industry-leading safety features, and are built with soft foam in places where the goggle touches your face. This offers a supremely comfortable fit.

The Hawkeye Training Goggles feature rubber seals where the goggles contact your face, ensuring a secure fit without retaining sweat or other moisture - perfect for fields looking to upgrade their rental goggle fleet, and military and law enforcement training units. Easy to clean, sanitary, and featuring the head and chin straps, they are the top choice for all multi-user applications.

When you insist on the most realistic equipment, insist on the goggle system designed specifically for tactical players and tactical training: the Hawkeye Goggle System from RAP4!

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