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New Laser Shot Store/Field Starter Package

New Laser Shot Store/Field Starter Package

The Laser Shot Store/Field Starter Package offers your customers an exciting new attraction: the thrill of a life-size, live action video game...designed to immerse them both body and mind in hunting, sport shooting, and even an Old West shootout! The Laser Shot action shooting simulator offers your customers the most realistic shooting experience you can have...without the noise or ballistic concerns of firing live rounds. Attract new customers to your paintball field, pro shop, or other business, and give your existing customers an innovative new reason to come back time and again!

The Laser Shot simulator uses a high definition, state of the art projector to display realistic scenes and scenarios. The shooter engages with a laser-shooting gun that exactly reproduces the look and feel of a real firearm. (A rifle and pistol are included in this kit.) Different scenarios take your customer hunting, to the range, or through a shootout in the Old West...and through many more challenges. When they shoot at the screen, the Laser Shot master computer computes their hits and misses and changes the simulation accordingly - crumpling a deer, wounding an outlaw, etc.

It�s the most dynamic shooting simulator available for commercial use, and you can use it to create another revenue stream for your business. Customers can pay by the game or by the hour. You can entertain children too young to play paintball, hunters who drop into your sporting goods store, or parents while they wait for their children to finish their paintball, soccer, or other games. Whatever kind of business you have, the Laser Shot simulator gives customers of all ages a great reason to come back time and again...even on rainy days.

The screen, projector, and computer are easy to set up inside virtually any pro shop, sporting goods store, or other business...and this portable system collapses down into an easily transported package to move between facilities, private events, or into and out of storage.

With no projectiles fired, it is completely safe for players...and your facility.

Give your customers another reason to drop by, and rave about your business. Give them something they won�t find anywhere else. Give them the real-life, full-size shooting simulator in this Laser Shot Store/Field Starter Package!