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NEW M16 Iraqi Freedom Paintball Markers

NEW M16 Iraqi Freedom Paintball Markers

Introducing the T68 M16 Iraqi Freedom paintball markers!

These new RAP4 markers are designed for long-range attacks on impossible targets. They are designed and built with the most innovative technology in the modern paintball industry.

Their Flexi Air systems accept all types of air sources, including standard CO2 and HPA tanks, remote line setups, and the exciting 45g air tanks that fit inside collapsible military-style stocks!

T68 M16 Iraqi Freedom markers have the bolts for smooth cycling and reduced air consumption. These bolts feature 90 degree air inlet holes for better air flow and reduced friction, and do not need oil or O-rings.

RAP4 fits each marker with the latest 18", .68 caliber rifled barrels and custom Whisper Sniper Muzzle Brakes. Each marker comes with the 12" M16-style hand guard to give the T68 the look and feel of the Iraqi Freedom M16.

These features take the RAP4 .68 caliber line of markers to the next performance level for long distance accuracy. The T68 M16 Iraqi Freedom gives you the realistic look and feel you need while operating against long range targets.

Police and military customers use RAP4 products for realistic training because our markers approximate their gear--there is no substitute for realism in their training. Paintball players use our products to get a technological edge while making their games as thrilling as possible.

T68 M16 Iraqi Freedom markers can be powered by CO2 or compressed air, shoot standard .68 caliber paintballs, and use the hoppers you already own.

T68 M16 Iraqi Freedom Package Includes:
1. Whisper Muzzle Brake
2. 18" Rifled Barrel
3. M4 Front Sight
4. M16 Hand Guard
5. Fast Feeding System
6. A1 Carry Handle
7. Anti-icing system
8. Flexi System with Solid Remote Adaptor
9. T68 Magazine Kit
10. Atom Smasher Trigger System (ASTS)
11. Ergonomic Trigger Grip
12. 3 Positions Collapsible Stock
13. Tool Kit
14. O'ring Kit
15. User Manual
16. Warranty