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NEW MCM K1 Paintball Marker

NEW MCM K1 Paintball Marker

From the engineers at Modern Combat Manufactured comes the new standard in mil-sim realism: the MCM K1 Marker. Achieving a new height of realism, the K1 Marker is the first paintball marker to truly emulate the bullpup design found in the FN Herstal P90 personal defense weapons and the new wave of light, fast, high-cyclic rate carbines.

With the action behind the trigger group, a top-mounted magazine in line with the bore, and a compact presentation with four integral sight and accessory rails, the MCM K1 Marker puts amazing firepower in a compact package.

This bullpup paintball marker is ready to rock with a 43 shot magazine that keeps a round in the chamber at all times. Pull the trigger, the MCM K1 Marker goes bang, and your opponent's hand goes up. It's as simple as that.

Every time.

When you need a little more firepower, switch to the optional 144 paintball magazine. Rotate the selector lever from semi-auto to burst or full-auto, and avail yourself of the MCM K1's three combat-ready fire modes.

To keep the MCM K1 Paintball Gun balanced and truly authentic, an 8 cubic inch air tank is hidden inside the bullpup stock. Good for upwards of 150 shots before needing a refill, this tank gets you through four standard magazines or one high-capacity 144 round magazine without needing to be refilled.

When even that isn't enough firepower, the MCM K1 Paintball Gun has you covered with an unobtrusive ASA at the stock's leading edge. Hook it into a remote line and accept air straight from the tank on your back�as you swap out high capacity magazines all day long.

The integral sight rail is ready to accept the red dot sight of your choice, and comes with an emergency iron sight built in. Attach your choice of red dot or night vision sight, and then attach flashlights, lasers, paintball grenade launchers, or other tactical accessories to the other three body rails. The built-in tactical foregrip is contoured for your support hand to get a positive grip, with your thumb resting right by that fire mode selector.

When you're ready to rock a compact, bullpup-style PDW, you need the Modern Combat Manufactured K1. From the hidden air source to the high capacity magazines, from the cutting-edge ergonomics to the Tippmann-threaded interchangeable barrel, the MCM K1 is ready to take your game into the 21st century.

Modern Combat Manufactured �Combat Simulation for the 21st Century.