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NEW Paintball Pod Leg Pouch

Paintball Pod Leg Pouch

The NEW Paintball Pod Leg Pouch is designed for those who need their pods in a flash during fast paced paintball games. They are engineered to be used as a leg pouch as well as a belt pouch. This dual configuration allows the user to choose the best configuration for their needs, and change things around for different types of games.

Leg Configuration:
Worn around your thigh, the Paintball Pod Leg Pouch keeps your pods right at hand level when you drop your arm - the most convenient spot to wear pods! They secure to your leg with two stretchable bands for quickly attaching and detaching the Pouch. These straps have non-slip rubber tracks to keep them in place as you sprint through the battle! A vertical strap secures the pouch to your belt to keep it in place in the optimum position. Carry six more pods - three on each leg - and you will be unstoppable.

Belt Configuration:

The leg straps and the thigh support buckle can be removed to mount directly to the belt. This configuration can help the user maximize their agility without any hindrance. Additional pouches such as radio, grenade and utility pouches can also be added.

The Paintball Pod Leg Pouch is a great addition to any current gear such as a vest or harness to carry additional ammo. The Paintball Pod Leg Pouch carries additional paintball pods and keeps you in the game longer. It can hold 100 or 140 round pods and Qloaders too!

RAP4 Elite key features include:
- Non-slip tracks keep the Pouch in place
- Removable straps for use as a leg pouch, or on your belt
- Carry other gear: water bottles, paint grenades, smoke...
- Durable, quality construction for years of use
- Can match your existing camo
- Increase your load capacity and stay in the game longer!

2X Version can carry 2 pods
3X Version can carry 3 pods
RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!