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New Paintball Vest Patterns

New Paintball Vest Patterns

RAP4 is proud to announce the release of new Tactical Paintball Vest patterns for 2008: British Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM), Real Tree, and German Flecktarn.

We offer the latest in paintball vest designs, including these new patterns that match your camo and match your environment. Get the right vest, and you'll be able to carry everything you need; get the right pattern, and you'll be invisible despite your extra gear.

Our wide range of options, configurations, and styles make our tactical paintball vests ideal for paintball, Airsoft, and tactical training. The Tactical Paintball Vest can be organized to accommodate paintball pods, standard AR magazine, standard MP5 magazine, all sizes of CO2 cylinders and air tanks (HPA), smoke grenades, latex search gloves, maps, radios... The vest pouches are interchangeable and can be very easily configured to your requirements. Each pouch can be moved from left to right or front to back. Each pouch is also Velcro attached firmly in place with steel buttons for added support.

Each vest is designed for the utmost versatility and simplicity of operation. The interior of the vest has dual map pockets, one on each side, with zippers for additional security. The vest can be adjusted to fit nearly all users with the changeable straps. There are two sizes: regular and large. The regular fits users who wear S, M, L and XL shirt sizes, while the large size fits users with XXL to XXXXL sizes.

The new vest sizes offer the user an easy-to-choose option for a fitted size. These size options for vests have never been offered before, particularly in the larger sizes.

The new Tactical Paintball Vest allows you to carry out operations with comfort and ease, so you can focus on the game or training session. New vest designs also enable you to carry gear against your body and shoulders, rather than lower down on a belt or speedball pack. With old school paintball harnesses, all the weight is shifted to one area and can be very uncomfortable. The new tactical vest disperses the weight around your body for effortless access to the pouches.

Our Tactical Paintball Vests are designed with pouches in the front so that they are fully accessible at all times. This design follows the basic principle of other real battle vests, where all the magazine pouches are in the front and can be reached in a split second. This design has been battle-proven to help the operator swiftly execute a reload in extreme situations and under intense conditions.

A full range of accessories are now also available for the vest, allowing each operator to customize a configuration that matches their style and requirements. For military and police personnel and those who also play Airsoft, the vests can easily be configured to work with M4/M16/AK47/MP5 magazines.

You play hard and train hard, and your gear should keep up. The RAP4 Tactical Paintball Vests' quality design and sturdy construction ensure that this is one piece of gear that won't let you down in the field. Now, with all of these enhancements, accessories and options, all that is left is for you to decide which configuration suits you best.

The new Tactical Paintball Vest synchronizes your mind and body and gets you into action with security and comfort like never before. Intensify your game and training with the RAP4 Tactical Paintball Vest.