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NEW Pressure Activated Landmine!

NEW Pressure Activated Landmine!

RAP4 Pressure-Activated Landmine

RAP4 is proud to announce the release of the NEW RAP4 Pressure Activated Landmine! Take paintball to the next level of realism, fun and, and tactical excitement. The new landmine is light and compact, measures only 1" high and 4" in diameter, and weighs 1lb. It is powered by a rechargeable 10 gram CO2 reservoir in the center of the mine that disperses smoke-simulation powder or liquid paint! It's completely safe to use in the sport of paintball!

The RAP4 Pressure Activated Landmine is great for scenario paintball and ideal for military combat training. The mine is light and compact, and it can easily be concealed for an effective booby trap as well a great training tool. As an antipersonnel training device, they can be used with smoke-simulation powder to leave a noticeable residue and dramatic cloud, or liquid paint for a distinguish mark. The mine will "detonate" with 3lbs of pressure, and will produce a loud report!

The RAP4 Pressure Activated Landmine can be recharged with any size CO2 cylinder using the versatile AG1 Thunder Grenade Charger. A huge benefit of playing and training with RAP4's Pressure Activated Landmine: they are a fraction of the cost of other paintball landmines, and since its power source is rechargeable, it costs only pennies per use. This is a huge advantage compared with other paintball mines!

The creation of the RAP4 Pressure Activated Landmine came by request of a military agency that wanted a realistic, yet safe, training device to use in maneuvers. Due to their budget constraints and needs in the field, the agency needed a training landmine that is reusable and does not require additional purchases for ongoing operation. The new RAP4 Pressure Activated Landmine fulfills that need for many agencies looking for an alternative, cost-effect training solution that respects their budget...and now you can purchase them too.