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RAP4 is proud to help you build the most adaptable, exciting, and realistic 468 magazine fed marker possible…by offering you the 468 Complete Upper Receiver. With a 468 Complete Upper Receiver, you can attach the mission-adapted barrel, sights, forearm, and other components that help you achieve exactly the look you want while adapting to the dynamic challenges of the evolving battlefield.

After building the 468 upper receiver that you need, you can swap it onto your lower receiver just by pushing out the two receiver pins and lifting the other receiver off. Swap in your new receiver, push the pins back in place, and you’ve completely overhauled the look, function, and tactical utility of your 468—in seconds…and without tools.

The 468 Complete Upper Receiver comes with a LOK Bolt Gen 2 anti-chop unit which is almost unnoticeable…but has a very noticeable impact on improving your 468’s performance. The LOK Bolt Gen2 anti-chop unit is a purely mechanical system that detects the presence of a paintball in your chamber. If the paint is not fully seated yet—as during rapid fire—the LOK Bolt holds the bolt open, preventing a chop. That means that you can pull the trigger with confidence that even during the fastest rapid fire, and even with your 468 held at an angle, and even if your magazines are a little dirty…you won’t chop.

The 468 Complete Upper Receiver is milled with a full-receiver-length RIS rail along the top, ready to accept your choice of optics or other accessories. It even includes the complete charging handle assembly that enables you to cock the 468 just like operators do on their mil-spec M4 carbines.

The 468 provides the most realistic experience possible with a compressed air powered marker, perfectly recreating the look, balance, and ergonomics of duty-issue M4/M16 rifles. As mag-fed markers, they retain the most authentic look possible and enjoy the reliability of spring-powered magazine-fed operation. They also reproduce the amazing utility of the M4/M16’s modular design, which allows the rifles—and the 468s—to disassemble into upper and lower units by simply sliding two retaining pins out of the receiver. Lift off the upper, and swap it onto a different lower receiver—or swap on a different upper receiver—and you can overhaul your marker to meet changing mission requirements in seconds.

This 468 Complete Upper Receiver is your starting point to create another mission-adapted upper receiver, to fully actualize that amazing utility. Build the upper you want. Customize it the way you need. Swap it on when the time is right.

And dominate your opponents.

RAP4—As Real as it Gets!

2014-01-29 19:19:24