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NEW Rail Interface System (RIS) Covers

NEW Rail Interface System (RIS) Covers

RAP4 is proud to introduce a full line of Rail Interface System (RIS) Covers to protect your hands, rail, and gear! The RIS rails on our T68 markers, handguards, and other gear offer mil-spec attachment points that enable you to use an almost limitless array of military and police - issue accessories...but the lengths of unused RIS rail are rough on your fingers and snag on your clothing.

RAP4 has the perfect solution: RIS Rail Covers.

Made from semi-rigid rubber, the RIS Rail Covers are designed to slip over the rails on your marker, sight, or other gear, to protect the rails against damage...and to provide you a positive grip that won't snag on clothing or cut your fingers! The semi-rigid rubber slides over the RIS rails, using friction and its inherent tension to stay in place throughout the game despite rough handling and rugged terrain. By giving you a slip-inhibiting gripping surface, you can better hold onto your gear through rain and mud, and while using gloves...without ripping your skin or gloves on the sharp corners of the RIS rail underneath!

The RIS Rail Covers also protect your rails from impacts with rocks, scratches, and other threats, so that when you need to use that rail, you can slide off the cover and attach your accessory to a rail that has survived the abuse of a long season. On your draw, your paint pistol with an under-barrel RIS rail will come out of your holster without snagging as easily, and your marker will glide through the vines and tangled underbrush without that ladder-like RIS rail catching on the environment...which helps you move more stealthily through thick cover.

RAP4 has engineered two RIS Rail Cover solutions to meet your needs: Stingray Rail Covers like the US Military uses, and Low Profile Rail Covers like more Special Ops units are adopting. Each style is available in multiple color options that include black, tan, and olive drab...and the Stingray Rail Covers are available in various lengths (including a modular, "Ergonomic" variant) to cover all the different lengths of RIS rail on your gear.

Stingray Rail Covers completely cover the top and sides of your RIS rails in a protective layer of semi-rigid rubber, and offer a rounded-dome shape that helps fill your hand like the rounded heat shroud of an M4. Ladder-like index lines provide more friction for an all-weather grip.

Low Profile Rail Covers protect the sides of your RIS rails, and fill the gaps between notches with semi-rigid rubber. This turns your RIS rail into a grippable surface that won't cut you up...but keeps weight and bulk to an absolute minimum while protecting your investment and helping you deploy your markers without snagging!

Protect your hands, and protect your investment, with RAP4's RIS Rail Covers...today!

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