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NEW RAP4 Camouflage Tape

NEW RAP4 Camouflage Tape

RAP4 is proud to announce RAP4 Camouflage Tape, your non-permanent solution to concealing gear so you can disappear into any terrain.

Paintball markers are easy to spot in the woods, where the environment is made up of patches and dashes of many different colors - few things are as solidly black over so much area as paintball markers. Even the neutral colors stick
out...unless you swathe them in camouflage that helps them blend into the surrounding environment. That's why you wear camouflage clothing. Now, non-permanent, interchangeable camouflage is available for your marker and other gear: RAP4 Camouflage Tape.

Available in eleven color schemes, this cotton tape is designed to stick to itself - or other cotton material - without bonding permanently to metal, plastic, or wood. This means you can wrap the tape around any gear, and when you need
to change configurations or remove the tape entirely. RAP4 Camouflage Tape comes off, leaving you ready to rock, or ready to switch to a new camo pattern.

To help you adapt to every gaming environment, RAP4 Camouflage Tape comes in just about every popular camouflage pattern: from military to hunting camo, even desert beige and olive drab, there is a pattern to fit your home field
environment...and every field you can play on.

Match your marker to your classic woodland BDUs, or German Flecktarn camo; use RAP4 Camouflage Tape to obscure your goggles, so they match your digital camo or Real Tree outfit; use the thick cotton RAP4 Camouflage Tape to silence
magazines, 12grams, or other gear that rattles and clanks as you move.

When you're serious about concealment, you need the competitive edge that comes with every roll of RAP4 Camouflage Tape. Measuring 2" wide and 162" long (that's more than 13 feet!), each roll comes with enough tape to thoroughly cover
your marker, accessories, and a good amount of your other gear. This is your removable, non-permanent solution for obscuring your equipment, augmenting your camouflage...

...and disappearing into any terrain.

Familiarize yourself with RAP4 Camouflage Tape with the product tutorial here: http://www.paintballtree.com/video/RAP4_Camouflage_Tape

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