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NEW RAP4 Posters

NEW RAP4 Posters

RAP4 is proud to help you show off your paintball style with ten exciting new posters, each featuring different cutting-edge RAP4 gear. Wrap your mind around the pure adrenaline of the RAP4 Spartan poster, and wrap your walls with the beauties on the Joan of Arc, Kalash, Shemagh, Deagle, Vixen, and Bombshell posters. Our art department created ten amazing posters in all for our first unveiling of the new RAP4 Posters.

.and they're ready to ship right now.

Each poster is three feet tall, two feet wide, and features different RAP4 gear from the semiautomatic Desert Eagle, to a mag-fed Kalashnikov, to sniper and heavy assault -configured T68 markers and more! Our photographers climbed ladders, crossed roofs, and went far afield to bring some of the most breathtaking, and artistic, photos of RAP4 gear to life on these stunning posters.

Decorate your garage. Spice up your team's bunkhouse. Cover that ugly cubicle wall with some gorgeous RAP4 art, and show the world how you love to play paintball: with military simulation gear that is truly as real as it gets!

RAP4-As Real as it Gets!