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NEW RAP4 Quick Flip Optic

NEW RAP4 Quick Flip Optic

RAP4 is proud to release a dynamic new product that will get you on target faster, more accurately...and offer you both direct and offset sighting! This amazing new sight is the RAP4 Quick Flip Optic, an electronic sight with some hot features.

The RAP4 Quick Flip Optic displays a red chevron, which grabs your attention and focuses it right on the apex - right where your shot is heading downrange. Considered a faster-to-acquire reticule than a simple red dot, the chevron subtly focuses your attention and makes it easier to estimate drop over distance, so you can effectively engage opponents at all ranges. With adjustable luminance, you can see the chevron in broad daylight...or dial it down for use inside tunnels, caves, or at night.

The best feature of the RAP4 Quick Flip Optic, though, is the way it flips ninety degrees sideways. Mount it to the RIS rails atop your marker, and it functions in the traditional role - and position - as an electronic sight. But when you need to mount a different optic, light, laser, etc, to that rail...you can flip the RAP4 Quick Flip Optic ninety degrees to the left and use it as an offset sight! You don't need any tools...just flip the RAP4 Quick Flip to the side, and you're ready to use it with an unobstructed sight line along the side of your marker.

This helps when your goggles get in the way of using a stock with a traditionally-mounted sight, and allows you to use iron sights or other sighting solutions along the top of your marker - just flip the RAP4 Quick Flip Optic to the side, and you have a securely mounted offset sight ready to go! Some tough players sight in the RAP4 Quick Flip Optic for extended range, sight in their iron sights or other RAP4 red dot scope for close range, and when it's time to engage opponents way across the field...they just flip the RAP4 Quick Flip sideways and are ready for one-shot-eliminations. You can do this too...all without tools.

Backed by our outstanding warranty, this sight is specifically designed for the rigors of hard use...and the single RIS attachment point doesn't take up much rail-space. Carry this sight with confidence into any scenario or mil-sim game. When you're ready for serious action, you need a serious sight...and you seriously need the RAP4 Quick Flip Optic.

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