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New Sidewinder Scope Mount

New Sidewinder Scope Mount

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Quick release scope mount

Quick high level adjustment

Quick low level adjustment

3rd level of offset

2nd level of offset

1st level - center

RAP4 is proud to announce the release of the Sidewinder Scope Mount for optics and sights, lasers and lights. This integrated system is the latest and the best scope mount available. It enables multiple mounting options and configurations, including offset (to see around hoppers) and high rise (to use metallic sights).

The new Sidewinder Scope Mount system works with all types of scopes, including red dots and crosshair sights. It is has multiple rails so you can also attach flash lights, lasers, and other tactical attachments that interface with standard weaver rails. The Sidewinder Scope Mount works with all weaver base rails, anywhere on your marker, and mounts directly to such markers such as the RAP4, T68, Tippmann markers, BT markers, Spyder MR series markers, SP1 and SP8 markers, and many, many more.

The Sidewinder Scope Mount has 3 offset levels. This feature enables you to configure the best mounting position for your sights, and clear any obstructions to have a wide, clear downrange view...even around hoppers. One of the very best features of the Sidewinder Scope Mount is its ability to adjust the height level above your marker - adjust it up or down with a turn of the knob to change your impact point, use your existing metallic sights, see over the top of other accessories...or to see through it clearly without your goggles getting in the way of your stock.

Why buy a bent stock just to get your goggles down to the sight line...when you can raise the sight line with the twist of a knob?

The Sidewinder Scope Mount is made completely out of metal and can be used with real firearms and airsoft guns as well, making it cross-compatible throughout the shooting sports. With the Sidewinder Scope Mount you are able to have complete control over your scope's horizontal and vertical adjustments, and even use it to interface with other tactical accessories. It will add a new dimension to your game...and a cool new way to accessorize your weapon of choice.