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NEW Strikeforce Tactical Camel Pack

NEW Strikeforce Tactical Camel Pack

RAP4 is proud to announce the release on the NEW Strikeforce Tactical Camel Pack. This new innovative camel pack is designed with the user in mind and comes with the latest modular system that allows you to configure the camel pack for your unique use.

The Strikeforce Tactical Camel Pack is designed for those who want more from their gear, and demand peak tactical performance and greater tactical maneuverability. It is designed to keep all your gear secured against your body for rapid movement, allowing you to demonstrate your maximum potential without hindrance.

The Strikeforce Tactical Camel Pack contains all the features of MOLLE gear. You can attach MOLLE pouches throughout: front, back, and on the sides. With the MOLLE system the user can choose any configuration and allows each user to design a unique style, with specialized pouches best suited for your tactical needs.

Strikeforce Tactical Camel Pack is light and compact, and perfect for warmer seasons. It provides maximum comfort for all of your missions. You don�t have to worry about the heavy weight of your air tank, since there is a pouch just for air systems and all the weight is distributed over the shoulder support strap. Top adaptable features of the MOLLE compliant Strikeforce Tactical Camel Pack include: air tank reservoir, water reservoir, and numerous camo patterns to choose from.

The chest and abdominal belt keeps the Strikeforce Tactical Camel Pack secure and stable against your body for greater tactical maneuverability

Multiple optional pouches that can be attached to the support straps

Completely modular design adaptable for any type of configure unique to the user's own design

Multiple MOLLE webbing panels on the side to attach grenade and pod pouches, and other accessories

Add 2X pod pouches on each side and you can carry 4 paintball pods easily

Multiple MOLLE webbing points on the unit let you attach pouches that suit your requirements