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NEW T68 Land Warrior Paintball Gun

NEW T68 Land Warrior Paintball Gun

RAP4 is proud to announce the release of the T68 Land Warrior, the first paintball marker that has an on-board camera system right out of the box! Now you can capture "gun cam" angles during the action in each and every fire fight. Use the footage to make an event DVD, post your best shots to YouTube and prove your stories are real.

More than being wired for video, the T68 Land Warrior is your best choice for completing tough missions against aggressive adversaries. Built around the field-proven T68 marker, the Land Warrior comes with an onboard air system - no ugly tank hanging down, no remote lines...just a discreet, refillable tank inside a multi-position stock. Each marker comes with a red dot scope for quick target acquisition - elevated for use with standard paintball goggles - and a vertical grip for maximum maneuverability.

The T68 paintball marker is known for its versatility, and the T68 Land Warrior takes full advantage of the latest RAP4 innovation: a selective feed system that enables you to selectively draw paint from a detachable 18 round magazine, or any size hopper. Carry two different paint colors into action - standard paint, and sniper, demo, or mission paint - and then prove you shot the general with video from the onboard camera.

The video camera is compact and attaches directly to the tactical rails onboard the T68 Land Warrior. It records both audio and video, takes still photos for recon missions, and has hands-free operation so it won't get in your way in a pinch. The system has a built-in 32MB internal memory chip, but when you need more space to capture all the action, the camera takes interchangeable SD cards.

Best of all: the wireless camera is ready for use at the push of a button. No familiarity period; no tweaking. Just point, click, and record the harrowing moments of your victory. The T68 Land Warrior ships with all of the cables you need to connect the camera directly to a TV or PC for viewing and video editing. This makes sharing your photos and videos simple and easy.

Capture those tough moves and in-your-face action. Watch your ball break in slow motion across his goggles...again and again. Watch game footage, analyze the action, and critique your technique and strategy. Then use the videos to spread the word about paintball, promote the next event, show your team in action...and let friends and family see how you spent the weekend! Show 'em what paintball is really like, and maybe they'll come out to play next time.

With the T68 Land Warrior, you can capture the essence of paintball...while relying on a proven marker with industry-leading innovations.

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