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NEW T68 Lok Bolt Anti Chop

RAP4 is proud to announce a bold new innovation in anti-chop technology: the T68 Lok Bolt Anti-Chop Adapter. Among the many strengths of the T68 marker platform are the utter reliability of the pure-mechanical operation, and the striking reproduction of M4/M16 rifle ergonomics, handling, and aesthetics. The T68 Lok Bolt Anti-Chop Adapter complements those strengths by using a purely mechanical function - meaning there are no batteries to replace, no lasers or wires to be gentle around - to introduce anti-chop protection like you find on high-end tourney markers...while preserving the RIS rail atop your receiver and maintaining the true-to-life aesthetics of your T68!

The genius of this system lies in a swinging arm contained inside the chamber. When a ball is pressed into the chamber atop the stack of paintballs fed by the magazine, the ball depresses the lever. When you pull the trigger, the bolt moves forward, gas is released, and the ball is propelled through the barrel and straight at your opponent...just like always. But should a ball be only partway into the chamber when you release the bolt, the T68 Lok Bolt Anti-Chop Adapter will save you from having a gooey mess to clean up.

When paintballs are only partially inserted into the chamber, the lever is in its default position: its end points straight at the lip of the bolt. Pull the trigger, and the bolt hops forwards a few millimeters, but then stops fast against the lever before it can break your paint. Re-cock your marker with the charging handle, and you're ready to shoot again.

This also gives a true-to-life experience at the end of a magazine, when you pull the trigger and the marker just goes click on that empty chamber. That's when you slide in a new magazine, cock the bolt, and get blazing once again!

The T68 Lok Bolt Anti-Chop Adapter is so effective at reducing chopped paint, that RAP4 has a pending patent protecting the technology...and will shortly release a kit that introduces Lok Bolt technology for Tacamo Mag-Fed Adapter kits.

When you've invested so much time, money, and sweat into getting into the perfect position to destroy your opponents, you need to have absolute confidence in your equipment. Get that confidence with the T68 Lok Bolt Anti-Chop Adapter, and you'll know that even at high cyclic rates, at the end of your magazine, or with your marker canted over at an angle, you're not going to chop paint during your moment of glory.

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