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New T68 MP5K Paintball Gun

RAP4 is proud to announce the release of the T68 MP5K. This new marker is faithful to the image of the world-famous submachine gun used by US Navy SEAL teams in CQB operations!

The T68 MP5K is just about the shortest and lightest paintball marker you can find, while still being packed with cosmetic and functional features for ultimate paintball action. They are built with a 3" barrel to stay compact and tight for fast, rapid action. Top, bottom, and side tactical rails accept Weaver-mount accessories, like the "broom handle" style vertical grip, flashlights, lasers, and more. The T68 MP5K is designed for high-speed games that call for instant and precise response with completely reliable equipment.

The T68 MP5K uses your hopper. An 18 round detachable magazine kit is available to convert the MP5K to use a magazine. It shoots standard .68 caliber paintballs and can be used at any paintball field! Military and law enforcement groups can use the T68 MP5K for tactical training, and you can use it to clear castles, forts, and trenches--it's perfect for room clearing and building entry training, teaching CQB marksmanship, and firearm safety instruction. And after all that, will still rock some people's worlds at the field!

The T68 MP5K is manufactured with a final weight, width and length that is comparable to authentic MP5K style machine pistols, and the grip is familiar to fans of the M4. This gives officers a true-to-life feel as if they were holding their duty gear.

The T68 MP5K will change the face of paintball and give the military and law enforcement agencies new training gear...and your scenario gaming will never be the same!