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New T68 Soldier Of Fortune (SOF)

New T68 Soldier Of Fortune (SOF)

T68 Soldier Of Fortune (SOF)

RAP4 is proud to announce the release of the T68 SOF (Soldier Of Fortune). The T68 SOF is a .68 caliber paintball gun that has many options, configurations, and possibilities to match your gaming style!

The T68 SOF accepts your hopper, and can easily take an 18 round detachable magazine kit - if you want the best in aesthetics, and cutting-edge developments. It shoots standard .68 caliber paintballs and can be used at any paintball field! It operates on both CO2 and compressed air. Try it with a remote line and one of our collapsible stocks for the ultimate in lightweight convenience...and looks!



T68 SOF - the basic configuration of the SOF series, it comes with a 6" barrel and four Weaver rails for all manner of tactical upgrades. The T68 SOF is easy to maintain and operate.
T68 SOF Tactical - this unit comes with a carbine butt stock for better balance so you can play tactically. The barrel comes with an M4-style front sight, faux bayonet lug, and sling swivel.
T68 SOF CQB - this upgraded SOF Tactical comes with the vertical grip for close quarters action, as well as a standard M4 carry handle with built-in sight adjustment.
T68 SOF Elite - the Elite comes with a 12" barrel and an M4 style handguard. This setup also comes with the carbine's adjustable stock for a more realistic look and feel.

T68 SOF Raider - the Raider is an SOF all dressed up for action. This setup offers the realistic feel and looks of the M4, and can be used for paintballing and tactical training.
T68 SOF M18 - The M18 comes with a functional 18 round detachable magazine. This setup operates with a bottom fed magazine to feed the paintball and able to use the 200 rounds hopper too.
Key features:
- All metal construction
- Durable and reliable
- M4 style trigger and grip
- Multiple configurations and endless upgrades
- Compatible with CO2 and HPA
- .68 caliber
- Optional magazine feed system