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NEW T68 Tactical Paintball Gun

NEW T68 Tactical Paintball Gun

RAP4 is proud to announce the release of the new T68 Tactical marker. The T68 Tactical paintball gun has a revolutionary new setup that will establish a trend in the paintball industry. Ingenious, solid, quick, and loaded with all the hottest features, every inch of the T68 Tactical can be tailored to suit your needs and requirements. Scores of accessories and attachments, available now, make it happen.

The T68 Tactical includes a body rail that allows attachments such as: laser sights, flashlights, grenade launchers, or a vertical grip! The weaver style flattop rail, which is a standard feature of the T68 Tactical, will also allow the user to mount a scope, sights, and all standard military attachments. The T68 Tactical also comes with the M4-style charging handle - standard!

The T68 Tactical comes with an abundance of features, as well as its ability to adapt and change to meet your changing needs. More importantly, the T68 Tactical is built for reliability and durability. The Delrin bolt prevents metal-to-metal wear in the metal-bodied marker. Solid construction makes them heavy duty and rugged. The grip is made with a strong fiber, the same material used in synthetic firearm lower receivers, and can be replaced with a standard M4 Assault Rifle grip.

The most awesome feature of the T68 Tactical is its ability to transform into a full M4 carbine paintball gun with magazine-fed action! The total transformation is easy and quick, so you can get back to the action in a flash.

Key features:
- .68 caliber system - uses all standard paintballs!
- Semi-automatic (optional upgrade for semi/burst/auto)
- 200 round hopper adaptor
- Optional magazine fed upgrade
- Internal Flexi-Air system
- All-metal body
- M4-style charging handle
- 10" rifled barrel
- Weaver flattop rail
- Tactical body rail
- ASTS trigger
- Works with CO2/Compressed Air/ HPA/Nitrogen tanks of all sizes
- Maximum range: 300 feet
- Effective range: 150 feet
- Velocity 200-325 fps (adjustable)
- Weight 3.5lbs