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RAP4 is the leading innovator of specialized gear for scenario paintball, force-on-force training, and tactical gaming...and we're proud to introduce you to our extensive line of U.S. Military Gear (USMG) products. We carry a full line of USMG's tactical softgoods with MOLLE -interface, battle-tough construction, built to real-world specifications...as well as rifle cases, armor chassis, tactical pads, operator gloves, and much, much more.

Our full line of USMG products are built to meet or exceed military specifications for the roles they fill--from the Universal Magazine Pouch III that accepts T68 magazines and M16 military magazines to the Combat Lifesaver Pouch III that was designed by Operation Iraqi Freedom combat veterans. Whatever your need for pouches, belts, vests, or accessories for MOLLE gear, USMG offers a solution...

...and offers it in your choice of mil-spec and custom patterns, including ACU, CADPAT, Desert Camo, Tiger Stripe, German Flecktarn, Woodland, and more.

Does your mission call for an armor chassis to accept armor plates (or their tactical gaming equivalents), pouches, holsters, and other accessories? The USMG Light Armor Chassis is designed to give you all the MOLLE attachment points you need to get geared up, and wear a heavy load with comfort courtesy of the chassis's innovative design and ergonomic styling. Medium and heavy armor chassis are available as well for progressively more intense load outs and complements of armor--either duty-issue armor or that made for tactical gaming.

On your way to those games, or to the range with duty-issue arms, keep your marker or duty rifle safe with the US Military Gear Hard Cover Rifle Case. The case measures 40" long and features a rigid outer shell protecting a deep foam-lined storage space that will protect your full-size marker or rifle without needing to disassemble it. Its construction is airline approved, so you can travel the country--or world--to play, train, or deploy.

Our USMG line also has dedicated pod holders for paintball pods, and pistol magazine holders that pull triple duty with auxiliary paintball gear, airsoft magazines, and pistol magazines for hunters and tactical operators. Our designs are influenced by veterans; our customers span the globe; our quality is guaranteed.

All USMG equipment is built for the rigors of travel, the demands of combat, and to give you excellent service, whether carrying gear on a tactical vest or protecting your rifle in transit. Load up today with USMG, and proceed with the confidence of using the very best gear.

RAP4--As Real as it Gets!