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OEW3: The Battle for Greece - Story and Missions

Operation: End War 3 - Story and Missions

Greece 2016

The birthplace of democracy has become the center stage for a new world conflict. Albania and Greece are in a land dispute. Albania (a border nation to Greece, and believe part of Greece belong to them) plans an aggressive seizure before the scheduled operation. Enraged over their diminutive share of proposed land seizures under current EU and NATO negotiations, Albanian forces are prepared to march across the border in a series of strategic attacks, securing land they believe they are theirs.

Operation: End War 3 takes place in the rural Greek town of Orino, approximately two miles from the Albanian border. Surrounded on three sides by Albanian land, Orino is situated on a political peninsula...and promises to be the first place weapons will be fired in the Greek multinational crisis.

The Greek Ultra-Nationalists (GUN) have infiltrated Orino, and are prepared to fend off what they believe are foreign invaders. Supplied by a captured base, their unit of mercenaries and freedom-fighters will fight to maintain a sovereign Greek state - safe from the Albanians, safe from NATO, and safe from their own appeasing government. They seek to end this first advance as quickly and violently as possible to send a message to the EU nations currently squabbling that Greece will remain under Greek sovereignty.

Forces of the Albanian Invasion Movement (AIM), acting without NATO support, are prepared to defy international law and take Orino in the name of Albania. Acting in haste, they must secure what land they can as soon as possible before NATO can react and stop their advance. Initial strike teams have been fast-roped into Orino via helicopter to begin securing the main highway for troop and supply transports into the area. They were met immediately with resistance.

And so it begins: the battle for Greece, a conflict that threatens to spill across the region and plunge the world into another global conflict.

Registration: Choose your side - and - join the fight

3 Sample missions (approximately 20 missions are prepared)

Operation: Blow the Bridge!
Situation: Albanian Invasion Movement (AIM) forces seek to seize all infrastructure to transport troops and supplies by land. Greek Ultra-Nationalists (GUN) must slow their advance and create choke points for a guerrilla resistance.
Missions: GUN: Must secure the centrally located bridge and wrap each support post with the explosives. AIM: Secure the centrally located bridge before GUN forces can destroy it. Hold for (TIME) until opposing forces choose another target.

Operation: Ambush the Transport!
Situation: AIM forces have begun to supply the initial push with ammunition and explosives. GUN forces must stop the flow of supplies in order to dominate the area.
Missions: GUN: Ambush and capture or destroy all supplies being transported.
AIM: Transport as many supplies from location A to B as possible. A successful transport will count as a # of points. Do not let the supplies fall into enemy hands!

Operation: Recon the Area!
Situation: AIM forces need more intel on the location of GUN forces.
Missions: GUN: Do not allow the enemy to compile data on your position! Intercept enemy recon units and destroy them before they are able to upload their recon photos to their command. Continue to fend off these teams for (TIME) until opposing forces choose another target. AIM: Using handheld military recon devices (smart phones), take photos of all three marked targets (red X's spray painted on walls) in the enemy compound and upload (text) them to the command unit (ref). AIM must get all three photos for mission success.