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OEW4: Best Of The Best

OEW4: Best Of The Best

RAP4 is looking for the most dedicated players in paintball - the best of the best, to tackle an unparalleled challenge. This October 19th, near Copperopolis, California, we're deploying a select number of players to Operation: End War 4.

This magfed only, mil-sim scenario game is hosted by the real-world combat operators who staff Calaveras Tactical, a premier tactical training and security consulting organization with incredible resources. They're already working to create the perfect game environment, most realistic missions, and most authentic challenge, for our players...but we're only taking a limited number.

Once you register, you'll receive exclusive access to classified briefing materials, including the coordinates for the muster point that Saturday. You'll also have access to free camping, and a chance to enroll - for free - in Sunday combat clinics taught by Calaveras Tactical staff. In those clinics, you'll learn all about real-world combat tactics for room clearing and close quarters battle, for countering ambushes and obtaining field intelligence...and you'll get force-on-force training with real combat veterans.

To keep Operation: End War 4 as real as it gets, this is a magfed only event...so bring your magazine fed paintball gun, or when you register, reserve an MKP-II or 468 to use all weekend. With the amazing MKP-II, you'll bring to bear the reliability, power, and durable design of Tippmann's internal parts inside an exclusive magfed body designed to accept DMags. Choose the 468, and you'll deploy with the most realistic paintball gun ever devised, as that outstanding design is engineered to replicate the look, controls, and feel of an M4 carbine.

Whatever your choice in magfed paintball guns, you'll need to keep it real on this battlefield - the winner will be determined by marksmanship, teamwork, cunning, and tactical skill. Come see how good you really are when you answer the call for Operation: End War 4.

RAP4 - As Real as it Gets!

2013-10-13 15:44:07