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OEW6: Learn To Be Unstoppable

OEW6: Learn To Be Unstoppable

Modern Combat Solutions wants to know if you're ready to take on the world in Operation: End War 6. We're working right now with Calaveras Tactical, a leading tactical firearms training institute whose instructors are SWAT officers and combat veterans, to arrange the most awe-inspiring mil-sim scenario game we've ever hosted. Teams will be immersed in a post-apocalyptic mil-sim storyline where you absolutely must rely on your strategy, your tactics, your teammates...and your skills with a magfed paintball gun.

Our first Operation: End War events brought some of the most dedicated, proficient players in paintball, and pitted them against each other in the most realistic paintball combat possible. We brought in props and crafted missions and challenged them to employ real-world strategy, communications, and teamwork...and they responded with an inspiring level of play that demanded the best of their opponents and our staff.

So for Operation: End War 6, we've put together a game unlike any you've ever played. It will unfold at a top secret location near Copperopolis, California. You'll receive the exact coordinates for the muster point after you sign up...then you'll be briefed on your missions, your required gear, and your commanders. The action starts with a prompt 8am muster on Saturday, October 10th. You must be pre-registered...and you must be ready for the non-stop action pack weekend.

Only magfed markers will be allowed at Operation: End War 6, to keep the action truly as real as it gets. We'll have rental markers on hand if you need or want to rent an MKP-II, the magfed gun that puts Tippmann internals into an exciting mil-sim magfed body, or a 468, the amazing new magfed gun that perfectly replicates the M4/M16 family of battle rifles.

You can camp for free onsite after Operation: End War 6, and should definitely plan to do so - we have a special treat for you. Through our exclusive arrangement with Calaveras Tactical, we've also lined up a four hour tactical training course, where you'll receive expert instruction in room entry and close quarters battle, countering ambushes and moving off the direct line of an attack...and even with working in and around vehicles.

After that weekend of tactical paintball and expert instruction, you will be completely unstoppable...

...and will have great stories (and probably awesome pictures) for a lifetime.

Are you ready to take on the world?

Modern Combat Solutions - As Real as it Gets

2015-9-18 3:24:19