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One Hot Package for Three Top Events

One Hot Package for Three Top Events

RAP4 is proud to bring you an amazing lineup of Mag-Fed games this season, and we want to prepare you for battle with the hottest deal you’re going to find anywhere on the gear you need to compete. For a limited time this pre-season, you can purchase a 468 RIS Mag-Fed paintball gun, decked out and ready to go, for only $350 when you pre-register for one of our biggest Mag-Fed games BY March 31th.

Sign up for Mag-Fed Mayhem, the Viper Paintball promoted event in Roanoke Texas, or the Siege of Bastogne during the Oklahoma D-Day event week, or Operation: End War 5, and you will be able to purchase that 468 RIS for $149 off the regular retail price.

With the $149 you save, you can buy 25 DMags. Or, a really sweet tactical vest and some DMags for it. Or a lot of paint, several event entries, a really nice electronic sight…or put it towards gas to get to Operation: End War. It’s your money. We’re happy to help you save it by offering this sweet deal on a particularly impressive 468.

To build the 468 RIS, our engineers started with a DMag-enabled 468 (you can order yours equipped to accept DMags, Scarab Arms mags, or T68 mags). They selected a multi-position collapsible stock with a male remote line adapter attachment point just behind the receiver, so you can easily hook up your remote line for true ambidextrous use…and adjust the military reproduction stock for a custom length of pull.

Then they added a 14 inch Raptor Tactical barrel, front and rear sights, and a medium-length hand guard with four lengths of RIS rails. The top rails align perfectly with the full-receiver-length rail along the 468, giving you a same-plane attachment point for optical magnifiers, electronic scopes, illumination and aiming accessories, and more. The 468 RIS is ready to receive the mission-adapted accessories that you require to overcome any foe.

Once you get your new 468 RIS dialed in, you’ll be ready to train and compete like never before. Count on it for exciting, utterly dependable service at Mag-Fed Mayhem. Put a red dot sight on it for reflex shooting at the Siege of Bastogne. Get your spare magazines ready for Operation: End War 5. With your 468 RIS, you’ll be able to enjoy this season’s top events…and with your paid preregistration to any of those three events, you’ll get a steep discount on your 468 RIS: pick it up for only $350!

To redeem your discount - just register for any of the 3 events by  and place your order for a 468 RIS directly on RAP4 web site. Note in the comment box which event you have registered for and we will apply $150 discount to your order.

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2014-02-16 20:42:58