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OP: End War 7 After Action Review

OP: End War 7 After Action Review

For those that don't know, the Operation End War series is something that was started by MCS (then RAP4) about 7 years ago as an attempt at bringing the very few (at the time) imaged players from around the world to face off in the world's only Magfed Only Game. Now keep in mind that this was in 2009 and Magfed was no where NEAR the level it was today. So it was with that goal, that OEW was created. 

Through the years the game has gone through MANY iterations, game designers and even Locations around the SF Bay Area. This year, the game became it's own series, with games in Texas and Pennsylvania. the combined numbers for all the series reached over 400 players and that is a lot for game that started with around 50. And we are VERY grateful for the communities support!

This year was also unique in that we expanded the game to include Friday AND we split the locations between us and West Coast Adventure park at their game for CPX Dead Legends. It was amazing! So enough with the intro, lets talk about the game!


Day one could be summed up in two words....Cold and Wet! For a place that has not seen rain in 5 years, it kinda figures that a game such as this would attract the worst weather I have seen in CA in a LONG time. That being said, we had about 40 Players that braved the down pour to fight over the "MSR Fury". The game was set up to have 3 flags that ran the length of the road that cuts through the center of the field. The objective was to hold those flags at various intervals during the game and the victory would go to the most accumulated points. As it was POURING the game's other elements were removed from the game (we had several other missions) and the game was shortened. At the end of the game, the MERCS (Blue) had pushed back the Horde (Red) to their spawn point. As this was a MERC victory, they would have the close side of the field for Saturday!


On Saturday, the game moved to OEW's home for the last 3 years. The site, known as the "Snake Pit" is an abandoned copper mine from the 1800's which was actually used to supply copper to Union Troops during the Civil War. There are multiple old structures there in addition to some really amazing terrain! We had also added numerous hay bail bunkers in some more open areas as well as 18 (6 sets of 3) flag stations that needed to be secured for points and respawn zones. 

Now those respawns were REALLY important as well as the FOB's that each team had to construct and secure through out the day as the only place you could store props were at the FOB and they COULD be stolen. This made the game extremely interesting and Horde forces were able to actually secure the MERC FOB at one point. 

When it came to missions, both teams poured their heart and soul into it, but through out the day MERC forces were able to hold more flag points and that really did carry them through. The scores remained tight and made for a really interesting game


Oooooh Sunday. There's not much to say about it since we had to call it early due not only to the weather, but due to field conditions which rapidly deteriorated.

Since California has been so dry for the last 5 years, the torrential down pour loosened so many of the rocks and foliage that field conditions became hazardous shortly after the game began. However, during the play time that was available, MERCs were able to secure the HVT and maintain control of many of the flag stations.

The Day ended with a HUGE raffle from Tippmann, Evike, Valken, Enola Gaye, and MCS. We'd like to thank all of our sponsors and especially the PLAYERS and community for your support. We really look forward to seeing everyone next year!

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Dave Ciappio is the lead Ambassador for MCS. He is a long time player and event coordinator. His focus is to get more players on the field.
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