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OP: Snake Eater After Action Review

OP: Snake Eater After Action Review

The weekend of Oct 10, 2016, I had the unique opportunity to travel to a field that is maybe one of the best kept secrets in Scenario and Magfed Gaming, Texas Paintball. Just outside Austin, Tx this amazing field offers a HUGE play area with a Saw Mill facility, woods ball and a new town that is going in as we speak. There are also several structures and small villages throughout the property and their proshop is simply awesome. The field however isn't what brought me out there (it was a great bonus though) I was out there for Snake Eater

Snake Eater is a game that was masterfully written by PsiOperator Carlos Pagan. The game revolved around a conflict in Abaddonstan.

"Abaddonstan, a land most can't even point to on a map much less bother to study it's intricate geopolitical climate. To the south a republic is being birthed under the watchful eye of an unknown western power. To the north the Tribesmen struggle to maintain the balance between their traditional values and thirst for absolute power of the region." 

With the scenario written, the game was broken down into several missions and from there the battle commenced, and it was awesome!!!!

As a participant (when I wasn't sitting in the MCS Booth) I had an absolute blast. The battle for the Saw Mill was truly outstanding! We (as blue team) were to keep red out of a structure known as "Grandma's House" I'm not entirely certain if we succeeded, but the back and forth seesaw battle was certainly intense. In the end, blue did manage to push through the area and at one point, I believe we had made it fairly close to the red teams spawn! The players were fantastic and It's been a while since I had that much fun playing a game. The Organizers should be applauded for their efforts.

In the Vendor area, the entirety of Magfed was represented. MCS was there of course as well as Milsig. Also in attendance was Maxtact, First Strike and ADN. What a great bunch of guys! While we were there, we all had time to talk to one another and while there are some disagreements at the tops of the companies, all of the reps (us guys in the field) are DEDICATED to helping Magfed grow. It was truly an awesome experience to be able to sit down and just figure out how we can best work together.

Overall, this was one of my favorite Magfed experiences and I am anxiously awaiting next years game!

photos by sboltjesphotography