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Operation End War 2010: Rise of the Small Unit Tactics

Operation End War: Rise of the Small Unit Tactics

RAP4 is proud to announce the rise of a new kind of hyper-realistic scenario: End War, coming this summer and featuring only magazine-fed paintball markers...whether you bring your own RAP4 marker or indulge in the T68 Gen 6 rental package that includes three magazines, tactical vest, and the latest T68 markers.

By outlawing hoppers in this game, End War not only cleans up the aesthetics of the military scenario, it also changes the fundamental flow of the game. Two hundred ball hoppers might imitate the firepower of an M249, but only one warrior per squad carries such a rifle...not everyone. The rest of the squad uses 30 round magazines in M4-based or AK-based rifles, relying on tactics, movement, and the portability of their lighter arms. Using magazine-fed paintball markers mimics this limited firepower, and encourages players to rely on the exact same tactics and procedures used in real combat.

End War is a mildly futuristic scenario game coming this summer, and pits players portraying US Marines against those from the European Army and Russian Army. With the background presence of intercontinental ballistic missiles countered by vast missile shield arrays, the End War scenario focuses on good old fashioned warrior-vs-warrior action in the woods, villages, and fields...territory covered by the M4 and AK rifles.

That's where the industry-leading T68 Gen 6 markers come in. With the exact size, weight, feel, and looks of the real deal, the T68 Gen 6 paintball markers also have realistically limited ammunition capacity...so the game will be decided by deft role playing, brilliant field maneuvers, and sharpshooting rather than sheer volume of paint. As modern warfare is decided by clever tricks and fast action, so too will End War.

Are you a good enough leader? A smart enough player? A sharp enough shot? See how good you really are in End War - coming soon from Real Action Paintball...As Real as it Gets!